CuP 1.3

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce a new batch of extremely exciting updates coming to CuP in the next update! Check some of them out below:

Add-In Reload

This one, albeit simple, is going to be extremely useful to add-in developers. In a nutshell, it will allow developers to reload an add-in without having to reboot CuP. Just recompile the DLL, add it to the addins folder, and reload it by right clicking its icon in the add-in manager. Brilliant, right?

Restart without closing CuP

No more restarting CuP every time you want to restart the game! Now you can simply hit a button, making life easier for all of us, lazy peeps. :P

New CuP Store

The CuP add-in store has been vastly redesigned for this update. Now you can install Add-Ins and Textures in one place.


Textures are finally coming to Cloud Penguin! Some of you might have heard of this feature in the past – in short, it allows users to change the in-game display of Club Penguin! (As with add-ins, anyone will be able to create texture packs. A tutorial will be posted soon).


  • Everyone that is using CuP will be shown with a red circle.
  • The core has pretty much been entirely restructured, giving it much more stability and removing multiple bugs.
  • If CuP crashes, you can now write a message directly to us instead of sending an email.

Hope you enjoy these new additions!


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Cloud Penguin v. 1.1

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that we’ve been working on a handful of very interesting updates to Cloud Penguin that should add more options for add-in developers and improve the overall stability of CuP.

New splash screen & retro mode

Lots of people found themselves lost when using CuP as the interface was really different from the older trainers, so we decided to introduce a retro mode that should resemble the UI of those. This interface has become the default for CuP, and while the normal interface can still be accessed, the retro interface doesn’t require administrator privileges to run and won’t be supported by the team any longer.

Additionally, we’ve changed the splash screen to make it neater and aesthetically appeasing. 

Penguins saved on the cloud!

Cloud Penguin will also save selected accounts on the cloud, so whenever you access CP through CuP they will be automatically available for login independent of the computer you are using.

Player Login Info On The Cloud

Changes to the core

We’ve also introduced some major changes to the core of Cloud Penguin. They shouldn’t affect much how you interact with Cloud Penguin, but these changes should solve some frequent problems that result in fatal crashes.

Textures (still in alpha)

Since one of the main goals of Cloud Penguin was to extend the options in CP in order to make it more interesting, we never intended on stopping at add-ins. Textures are a system that will allow graphic designers to change graphical components of CP to your local client. This will allow you to do many things, from playing CP wholly in black and white if you fancy doing so or doing some time travelling back into an old take over or festival. Our main goal with this is getting people interested in graphics design, the same way we got people interested in programming with add-ins.


Additions to CuPEF (for developers)

We’ve also added two new classes to CuPEF, UserSettings and AuxServer. The latter is a relatively complicated concept that will most likely be outlined in a separate post, but in a nutshell, it will allow client-side hacks to be visible to other players using Cloud Penguin. The former will allow developers to save add-in preferences and settings on the cloud.

Add-in developers can now specify at what stage in CP the add-in starts running (for instance, when you join a server or when you login and are going to the server list).


Tell us what you think about these updates in the comments section below!


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Cloud Penguin is back up!

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to announce Cloud Penguin is back up. We’ve fixed some bugs and added a fail-safe, so yesterday’s problem shouldn’t happen again.

Just pop over to the download page. If you previously had problems with CuP, it is more likely you won’t have any, this time round.

If you are a developer, stayed tuned for a tutorial on how to develop addins soon!

Thanks, and sorry again about yesterday.


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Important announcement!

Hello everyone,

We’d like to warn everyone that’s installed Cloud Penguin recently that it is possible that, if Cloud Penguin crashed while you used it, you are now unable to play Club Penguin normally, without CuP.

This is because Cloud Penguin edited a file that needed to run. We’d like to urge everyone that run Cloud Penguin to download and use our Cloud Penguin uninstaller by going to our FAQ page or clicking here.

Sorry for the huge inconvenience. Once this problem is fixed we should be back on track.

Cloud Penguin has been put in maintenance mode for now. We’ll inform you when we are back up.


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A small (yet important) Christmas announcement

Hello everyone,

Christmas tends to be seen as a happy time in the year. In some parts of the world, you’ll see people building snowmen and having snowball fights. In others, people will go swimming and dancing. But that is irrelevant – all that matters is that it is a time to relax and be happy.

We thought that was the perfect time to bring you the first ever, fully public release of Cloud Penguin – the first functional Club Penguin trainer in quite a long time!

Mind you all, this is just a beta, but as of now the program is quite stable, you can download some addins from the CuP store and those who are brave enough can attempt to code their own (soon we will be releasing the documentation and some tutorials to get you started).

It was a long journey. To put it numerically, proper coding for this project started in June 9th and our first working version was a week later. However, we knew we couldn’t release a product just like that – we wanted this to set itself apart from the other trainers, and become not only a variable editing tool, but also something people could use to make creative scripts, thus allowing everyone to get a taste of ‘cheating’ without needing to develop the entire system for a trainer.

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without some people. Firstly, we’d like to send out a shout out to Sanbil, who inspired us to continue researching one of the techniques used in his project CP jailbreak, which evolved to become the core of how Cloud Penguin worked.

Personally, I’d like to send a shout out to the entire community that either followed our progress or talked to us through our forums, twitter and blog – your continuous encouragement made this possible.

A special shout out to our closed beta testers, that were patient enough to inform the myriad of bugs that haunted out initial versions, as well as being eager to test out each update.

Shout out to the three people that were keen enough to bring Cloud Penguin to Korean, German and French – you are helping us bring Cloud Penguin to absolutely everyone!

An extremely big shout out to Penian, who supported us all along, promoted our website with banners and posts and also offered to host one of the most important features of Cloud Penguin, that will be released in the near future. We owe you a big thank-you.

I’d also personally like to send a shout out to probably the most important person behind Cloud Penguin: MhX. Not only he came up with the brilliant idea that made all of this possible, but was always present through the development, not giving up in the project for even a second, when some of the others lost interest. When someone didn’t do their part, he didn’t complain, he made it himself. When he did something wrong, he didn’t get angry, he was humble and tried to understand his mistakes. When he knew something others didn’t, he didn’t show off, he was humble and explained how it worked.

I feel bad in having my name next to his in the about window, because Cloud Penguin’s code was probably about 30% mine and 70% his.

It was great working with you, and I truly hope we manage to release our other project in the near future!

Shout outs aside, I hope you all have a great time testing Cloud Penguin in the near future.


Cloud Penguin will be released on the 25th of December, at 00:00 GMT-3.

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