Add-In Manager

Every Add-In you install or create will be located at the Add-In Manager.

illustrative purpose only

The Add-In Manager displays your Add-Ins in a simple and intuitive way. With big 64×64 icons, you can easily find your favorite Add-In and run it by double-clicking its icon.
You can read some informations about the Add-In or remove it by right-clicking its icon.

Acessing the Add-In Manager

To access your Add-In Manager, log into your Club Penguin account and then click in the cup icon on the right of the mail icon.

9 thoughts on “Add-In Manager

  1. Looks awesome but is it a trainer or CPPS?
    I know you said trainer but it looks like a cpps. I am not offending you just trying to confirm . :)

      • Hey MhX This trainer sounds awesome! But do we have to code to put stuff in the Add-In manager? Or do we make it automatically?

        • Yes – Add Ins will have to be programmed in .Net, but we’ve designed the system to be extremely easy to pick up and use, so even someone with no experience in programming can learn and start making Add Ins. :)

          • Cool! I’ve never programmed before except for a time with my friend when he was making a cpps XD but i can’t wait to learn how to make add-ins! :D

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