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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since our last post, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped working. Today I proudly present you Cloud Penguin’s official YouTube Channel, which you access here, or by pressing the “Youtube Channel” button in the navbar above.

We will be using this channel for loads of things, ranging from presenting upcoming features to CuP to previewing texture teasers, to even making tutorials on how to develop your own add-ins!

We were also thinking of making a series of videos where we would answer your questions on CuP and other matters. If you ever wanted to ask us any questions, be it how did the idea of making a CP trainer came to be to what our favourite colour is, this is your chance! If you like this idea, post a comment below or send us a tweet.

We’d also like to give a special shout-out to CPHax and Winderptv for putting this all together.

Now, just as a taste of what you’ll be seeing in the next couple of weeks, here’s a little Cloud Penguin teaser we’ve put together:

We hope you enjoy it!


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Top 5 Most Useful Cloud Penguin Add-Ins

Originally posted on by Penian4.

CuP was created to enhance your experience on Club Penguin; however, it won’t be much fun if you don’t have the right add-ins. Here are our top 5 picks that can help you make the most of Cloud Penguin:

5. Anti Logoff by CPHax2

At number five we have an add-in by CPHax2. This one is called “Anti-Logoff”. Using this add-in, you can avoid Club Penguin’s default timeout when you are idle for more than 10 minutes. An example of this add-in coming to use is if you are waiting for a mascot at a certain location, and you don’t want to be logged out.

4. Empty Servers by MhX

Next up is one of the first add-ins that was available on the CuP store: Empty Servers. This add-in does exactly what you would think it does; changes the fullness of all the servers, allowing you to enter servers that may have been full.

3. Igloo Items Adder by CPHax2

At number three we have another add-in by CPHax2 called the “Igloo Items Adder”. Don’t be fooled by the name – this add-in can do a lot more than just add furniture items. It has everything you need to design the perfect igloo, all in one place! It can add furniture, igloos, igloo flooring, igloo locations, and change your igloo music.

2. My Closet by MhX

The runner up is a new add-in by MhX, “My Closet”. It allows you to save and load outfits, instead of applying one item of clothing at a time. This add-in is very efficient, especially when you have a large inventory (from using our Item Adder’s “Add All” button). My Closet allows you to save up to twelve named outfits.

1. CuP Chat by CPHax2

At first place, we have yet another add-in by CPHax2. This one is called “CuP Chat”. CuP Chat uses Cloud Penguin’s built-in feature known as AuxServer. AuxServer is a unique feature that allows Cloud Penguin users to ineract exclusively with each other, essentially turning some client-side cheats, into server-side cheats. CuP chat enables you to send chat messages, bypassing Club Penguin’s message filter, that everyone in the room using CuP can see.


Get these add-ins, and dozens more, by using Cloud Penguin! If you don’t have CuP, I would hightly recommend downloading it.

What are your favourite Cloud Penguin add-ins? Let us know in the comments!


Originally posted on by Penian4.

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CuP 1.3

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce a new batch of extremely exciting updates coming to CuP in the next update! Check some of them out below:

Add-In Reload

This one, albeit simple, is going to be extremely useful to add-in developers. In a nutshell, it will allow developers to reload an add-in without having to reboot CuP. Just recompile the DLL, add it to the addins folder, and reload it by right clicking its icon in the add-in manager. Brilliant, right?

Restart without closing CuP

No more restarting CuP every time you want to restart the game! Now you can simply hit a button, making life easier for all of us, lazy peeps. 😛

New CuP Store

The CuP add-in store has been vastly redesigned for this update. Now you can install Add-Ins and Textures in one place.


Textures are finally coming to Cloud Penguin! Some of you might have heard of this feature in the past – in short, it allows users to change the in-game display of Club Penguin! (As with add-ins, anyone will be able to create texture packs. A tutorial will be posted soon).


  • Everyone that is using CuP will be shown with a red circle.
  • The core has pretty much been entirely restructured, giving it much more stability and removing multiple bugs.
  • If CuP crashes, you can now write a message directly to us instead of sending an email.

Hope you enjoy these new additions!


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Cloud Penguin v. 1.1

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that we’ve been working on a handful of very interesting updates to Cloud Penguin that should add more options for add-in developers and improve the overall stability of CuP.

New splash screen & retro mode

Lots of people found themselves lost when using CuP as the interface was really different from the older trainers, so we decided to introduce a retro mode that should resemble the UI of those. This interface has become the default for CuP, and while the normal interface can still be accessed, the retro interface doesn’t require administrator privileges to run and won’t be supported by the team any longer.

Additionally, we’ve changed the splash screen to make it neater and aesthetically appeasing. 

Penguins saved on the cloud!

Cloud Penguin will also save selected accounts on the cloud, so whenever you access CP through CuP they will be automatically available for login independent of the computer you are using.

Player Login Info On The Cloud

Changes to the core

We’ve also introduced some major changes to the core of Cloud Penguin. They shouldn’t affect much how you interact with Cloud Penguin, but these changes should solve some frequent problems that result in fatal crashes.

Textures (still in alpha)

Since one of the main goals of Cloud Penguin was to extend the options in CP in order to make it more interesting, we never intended on stopping at add-ins. Textures are a system that will allow graphic designers to change graphical components of CP to your local client. This will allow you to do many things, from playing CP wholly in black and white if you fancy doing so or doing some time travelling back into an old take over or festival. Our main goal with this is getting people interested in graphics design, the same way we got people interested in programming with add-ins.


Additions to CuPEF (for developers)

We’ve also added two new classes to CuPEF, UserSettings and AuxServer. The latter is a relatively complicated concept that will most likely be outlined in a separate post, but in a nutshell, it will allow client-side hacks to be visible to other players using Cloud Penguin. The former will allow developers to save add-in preferences and settings on the cloud.

Add-in developers can now specify at what stage in CP the add-in starts running (for instance, when you join a server or when you login and are going to the server list).


Tell us what you think about these updates in the comments section below!


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Cloud Penguin is back up!

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to announce Cloud Penguin is back up. We’ve fixed some bugs and added a fail-safe, so yesterday’s problem shouldn’t happen again.

Just pop over to the download page. If you previously had problems with CuP, it is more likely you won’t have any, this time round.

If you are a developer, stayed tuned for a tutorial on how to develop addins soon!

Thanks, and sorry again about yesterday.


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