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By MhX
#470 Some of you may have heard of cpcheats.info, the home of Penguin Storm, Money Maker and many other cheats created by Microchip123. It was the starting point for everyone that wanted CP cheats back in 2008-2010. All their cheats got patched in 2011 and the website got converted from a Wordpress blog to a forum. Some time later the board was full of spam and the ads revenue wasn't being sufficient to maintain the server.

The website was officially closed on April 5th, 2012 and the domain sold to Christopher Zeoli (a.k.a. Chrisdog93, owner of clubpenguincp.com (EDIT: before the domain being acquired by someone else in an auction)) a month later. Since then the domain was hosting a page with a downloadable money maker which I still don't know if it really worked.

On early February this year the CuP team successfully got the ownership of cpcheats.info! :1f389: :1f388: :1f386: Huge shoutout to Snowfire0206 for making this possible. :1f44f:

We now have the most important domain related to CP cheating...
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... but we don't know exactly what to do with it!

I have some ideas, but I don't think they are good enough.
  1. Museum - Have a page telling everything about CP cheating since 2008.
  2. Cheats hub - A central place for cheats. It would merge CuP, cpcheats.co and thecpcheats.info.
  3. New cheats - A place with never seen cheats, including ones for the mobile app and Project Super Secret.
  4. Redirect - Redirect all traffic from the domain to cloudpengu.in and let CuP be the new ultimate place for cheats.

What do you think about this? Let us know.
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By winderptv
#472 #1 is a nice idea, talking and showing off all those cheats, people would enjoy this.
#4 is awesome for CuP, we are the #1 trainer and deserve it, but this is a little arrogant and cocky lol.
I like both but if I had to choose it be #1.
By Wozaski
#505 Both option #3 and #4 are good but if I has to choose i'd say option 4 will be better.
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By Hisoka
#516 I would have to say that cphq was the most important website in terms of club penguin cheating. But I would go with option 3 or 2.
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By tootyta
#733 Option 3! I want new cheats xP