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By Madadam5556
#558 Would you please make cloud penguin available on Linux or compatible with Wine, when i try to install it through wine cloud penguin pops up with "you need windows vista or higher to use cloud penguin" Thanks or your help anything is appreciated!
If not wine playonlinux would be fine!
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By MhX
#559 I have already tried a couple times to run CuP on Linux but it doesn't seem to be possible. It has a lot of Windows-specific code and everything was coded with the assumption it would be running on Windows.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we will not be able to do a Linux port at least in the near future.
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By Asynchronee
Jake1702 Wrote:If your computer is powerful enough you may be able to run it via a Virtual Machine.

I can confirm CuP runs perfectly fine on a Windows VM on Mac OS X, and there should be no problems with Windows. VMWare Fusion on OS X works well as well (aside from the fact that the interface was not designed with high pixel-density screens such as retina in mind).