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By SirYod
#877 As you can guess by the title, I'd like to recommend Cloud Penguin to have it's very own Discord Server for users to interact with each other instantly via Text or Voice.
Personally I've been with Discord for a while now and use it myself to keep in touch with Twitch streamers, Music Communities and my own smaller community for gaming and other activities.
For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's basically a mixture of Skype and Teamspeak with more features, a much more dedicated Dev team etc.
So here's a few advantages and features I've found to be useful with Discord and why Cloud Penguin should consider using it.

* Servers cost nothing to create, don't have a time limit and are almost completely customisable.
* There's a range of server locations to choose and location changes themselves take a matter of seconds to apply.
* PC, Mac and Mobile compatibility with software that supports the listed platforms although I don't believe it supports Windows Phone but they're working on it.
* Alternatively they do have a Browser-based version but it's not recommended as it has a few limitations with microphone quality and audio playback.
* Loads of other neat stuff I can't include here without producing an essay about it.
Thanks for reading my first post on Cloud Penguin!
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By Asynchronee
#886 I think it's unlikely that CuP officially supports a Discord server, though I recall a few experiments were made back in the day with Slack and IRC. I don't see a problem with creating an unofficial one, though you should talk to MhX about getting permission to advertise it here in the forums.
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By SirYod
#948 Thanks for the advice Asynchonee, it's a thought I may push forward as communicating with other CuP users is particularly hard as it is. It all depends on if anyone is actually going to benefit from something like this in the long run :)