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By MhX
#76 Alright, so you’ve installed Cloud Penguin, but you don’t know how to use it. The first thing you’re going to want to do when you open it, is create a Cloud Penguin account. This account is separate from your Club Penguin account, and will be used to save your settings, add-ins, and other personal preferences.


Once you are done creating an account, you are now ready to login and explore all that Cloud Penguin has to offer!


Add-ins are the most important part of Cloud Penguin. They bring all of the features you would expect from a trainer, and much more. The CuP Store is where you can download add-ins.


Add-ins can modify the game in any way imaginable. Some examples of what add-ins can do are:

  • CuP Chat – Talk to other Cloud Penguin users without a filter
  • Empty Servers – Join any server, even if it if full
  • Igloo Items Adder – Add furniture, flooring, music, and more to your igloo
  • Copy Bot – Have your penguin copy another penguin’s actions
  • My Closet – Save and name your penguin’s custom outfits

Have an idea for a new add-in? Suggest it to an add-in developer or you can even make it yourself!
Once you’ve installed an add-in, you can simply open up your add-in manager and double click on it to start using it.


Textures change the way the game looks. Want to go back to an old Club Penguin party? It’s never been easier! Just download a texture you want from the CuP Store, open up texture settings, and select the texture you just downloaded. This will replace rooms, music, and sometimes even the map with the new texture. Some textures even have completely custom designed rooms.


Just like add-ins, textures can be made by anyone. If you want a new texture, request it on the CuP Forums, or you can make it yourself.


Fun facts
  • Anyone with a red ring around their penguin is also using Cloud Penguin! These players can see messages that you send through CuP Chat, and actions performed through other add-ins such as Penguin Size.
  • Any penguin with a red name glow is a CuP developer.
  • You can zoom in an out in the settings.
  • When you create a Cloud Penguin account, you are also creating an account for the CuP forums (more precisely, here). You can discuss thing about Cloud Penguin, Club Penguin, or just have regular conversation. These forums are a great place to suggest ideas for add-ins or textures!
  • AuxServer is the name of the process in which your actions can be visible to other Cloud Penguin users. It can be used with AuxSWF to also show animations to other Cloud Penguin users.

That’s about all you need to know to get started with Cloud Penguin. You can now enjoy exploring Club Penguin in a whole new dimension!