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By rainbow1423
#2006 I wanted to download this game more than 3 years ago, but in those 3 years I have not downloaded it because at first my computer was not compatible, after waiting half a year I was able to download only the installer and when I install it with all the illusions of being able to play finally ... I get this error:
An error has occurred: System.Net.WebException: Anulada la solicitud: No se puede crear un canal seguro SSL/TLS.
en System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResultasyncResult) en System.Net.WebClient.GetWebRe (0x30a4fb)

P.D: made with google translate
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By realsnans
#2136 Snowfire, it doesn't workin, I try to install it again and again, a many times, but it gives me this error when I try it.