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By BartoszC
Camelia Wrote:Hello ! :1f600: I love Cloud Penguin but can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add :
1)Automatic friend adder (to add Manchocho !!!! And we tipe the name and he accept automatic !)
2) Become a mod

:1f619: Thanks ! Please add it !!!

Asking for Moderation doesn't help to get moderation, unless the administrators are really generous. Most of the time, people get moderation by being trusted by administrators. I'm new here (I haven't downloaded the game yet) but I also have an idea for add-ins: A search queue for items, furniture, and igloos so you can find the ID and get it for free. And if you'd like to do it slow, then get the ID, type it in the queue for getting the furniture, and get it. Thank you, if you do!