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By Skydry
#959 Operation blackout is already in the store. Look better! :1f60b:

Operation puffle would be cool, It is already by ''incomplete'' folder, but if someone could make the story work, the story of herbert at the end. with all those puffles you know. Like in the battle of doom texture.
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By SteamedWaffles
#990 How about a texture where all of the anniversary coffee shops are in one room? So you could enter one door that leads to the first, another that leads to the second, etc.
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By PistolSA
#1979 Could someone create the Waddle On! Party? I tried it myself. I'm not too experienced and was only able to get the music to play. :1f626:
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By applesauce521
#1993 please could you make a texture where the ski village has the old design with the everyday phoning facility but the sport shop with HQ is opposite the facility!? I understand if you can't, but if you can, thanks in advance!
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By Technoblade
SirYod Wrote:My request would be Music Jam '08 and / or '09.
The main reason is because of the Orca Straw room in the Ski Village which was my #1 favourite song throughout the entire party. I hated it when they removed it in 2010 and would love to see it once last time.

Hey I'm sorry for the late reply but I'll get started on making you that texture!