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By winderptv
#1430 Because it hasn’t been explicitly defined anywhere, we would like to make you all aware of a few rules we want followed while using CuP.

  • No users less than 13 years old. This is a legal requirement.
  • No flaming. That is, any hostile interactions with other users.
  • No advertising external sites. Advertising to external sites is forbidden through the regular CP chat. The security of a site can not be guaranteed and should anything happen, the CuP development team could be held liable. Advertising through the AuxServer (i.e. CuP Chat) is discouraged, but not forbidden. CuP users following links assume all responsibility.
  • No excessive use of profanity. We believe that the CuP users are mature enough to know the difference between using profanity senselessly or to insult, and using profanity for emphasis or humor. Nonetheless, be warned: there is a fine line between the two, and what you may consider humor, may be considered an insult by others, including a moderator.
  • No illegal or inappropriate content. This includes cyber bullying, racism, misogyny, pornography and copyrighted material you do not own. Use of an add-in (i.e. Multi-Bot) to create inappropriate formations is strictly forbidden. Not only can they be seen by normal CP users, but they are just simply inappropriate and have no place anywhere in society.
  • No spamming. We would like to make it clear that you use CuP and all add-ins respectfully towards the normal CP users. Do not cause so much havoc in a children’s game that you end up ruining other people’s day.
  • No duplicate or bloatware add-ins' on the store. We encourage our users to create fresh and new ideas to be put onto the store. Add-ins are meant to have one purpose, if the add-in does not have a sufficient amount of features you may add to it. All add-ins are reviewed by our administrators and moderators.

All CuP users are expected to abide by these rules. The CuP development team has and reserves the right to close out your CuP session and ban your CuP account as necessary.