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By winderptv
#82 Welcome to the new Cloud Penguin website! Glad you showed up! There is so many new things reply back on your thoughts about the new update! :1f600:
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By Rojo Rey
#93 Same here! It would be amazing to have more people be active! I hope my video helps get more active. I always wanted to see more people on Cloud Penguin, but I never do :P
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By tootyta
#94 Hai :P , I'm glad that the Cloud Penguin community is more collaborative these days! I have an upcoming texture that will be on the store soon O: , it's a fixed version of a texture that's already on the store. Don't you just hate textures that are broken, you can't navigate anywhere and it just annoys the heck out of me! Now you will actually be able to look at the rooms instead of having to teleport.....