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By MhX
#186 Q: Every time I try to run the installer or CuP I see this message:
A: Install the latest .NET Framework version.

Q: Most of the add-ins I've installed are gray and I can't run them.
A: CuP has three stages of add-in loading. The first stage (Boot) loads an add-in when CuP starts (example: Packet Monitor). The second one (Login) loads an add-in when you have successfully logged in and goes to the server selection screen (example: Empty Servers). The last one (Join) loads an add-in when you are successfully connected to a server (example: most of the add-ins).
As most of the add-ins are loaded on Join stage you should login to a server before using them. After the add-in is loaded it will appear colored in the add-in manager.

Q: I keep getting the error "Wrong password (0x06b012)" or "Account Not Found (0x59fc2e)"
A: The CuP account is different from the Club Penguin account. The CuP account is the one you use to log into CuP or this website. If you don't have an account, you can create one clicking here (valid email address is required). If you already have an account, just login.
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

Q: I keep getting the error "Incorrect penguin name or password"
A: See the answer above. CuP is not a CPPS. You login to CuP using your CuP account and to CP using your Club Penguin account.

Q: I'm getting a message saying that my account is not activated, what does it mean?
A: Before CuP 2.0 you could create an account without verifying your email address, but now the activation is required. You can activate your account clicking here. If you don't remember your email address or used an invalid or temporary one, you are now locked out.

Q: Can you add <feature here>?
A: Most features can be either an add-in or a texture. You can post a request in the appropriate forum and a developer can make your suggestion a reality. If you don't want to wait for someone to do it, you can do it yourself by reading the add-in or texture documentation.

Q: Can Cloud Penguin ban my account?
A: CuP itself has a negligible risk of banning your account, but add-ins can ban your account if they are not coded correctly or are malicious. Every single add-in is manually checked by the CuP staff to determine if it's safe or not. If the add-in has a low or no risk of being banned it receives the Verified icon :verified:, but if it has a high risk of banning your account it receives the Rejected icon :rejected:. Only install verified add-ins if you don't want to be banned.

Q: Why does CCleaner or Windows' program removal window shows CuP twice?
A: It is a known issue. It happens when you upgrade from CuP 1.x to CuP 2.0. Run the installer as administrator and it will fix this issue automatically.

Q: After my computer installed a Windows update, CuP keeps saying "Something went wrong while initializing Cloud Penguin, please download it again."
A: It is a known issue. After a Windows upgrade (from Windows 7 to Windows 10, for example) CuP stops working. Run the installer again and it will fix this issue automatically.