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By Void
#523 I primarily go by either Void or Pirate. I go on Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPSes) a lot, especially Mirai and Flippr -- on both of those, my username is Void. However, I also occasionally go on the regular Club Penguin, which I've been playing since 2006/2007 (I used to use my sister's CP account in 2006, but I got my own in 2007). My Twitter account is @VoidRuler, which I usually post a lot of CP/CPPS-related content to.

I've been using Cloud Penguin since it came out, but I just got around to making an account here. I'm really glad that there's a modern trainer still out there.
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By MhX
#525 Welcome to the Cloud Penguin forums!

I hope you enjoy the trainer and also the forums. As you are an old CuP user you may have some suggestions. You can post them here. You can also request add-ins and textures, but why not create your own? :1f600: