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By ftoro
#1882 What do you think about Club Penguin Island?
I think it's crap, you want to wear any clothing, buy member, you want to use more "emojis", buy member, you want to do missions, buy membership. Soon it will be like this:
You want to talk? Well, you must buy membership and also 1 character in your message = 50 coins.
So I think it's crap because in Club Penguin you could at least do something instead of walking and talking.
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By master1
#1902 Club penguin always had its limits with what you could do, but you could always wear certain clothes, talk with friends, and play various mini-games for free. You can't do any of that now... Oh, and you know those clothes you got for pre-signing?

No you don't! You've got to pay if you want those. Well, at least the food is free.

Oh wait, it's not, is it? They should rename it to "Club penguin: Survival island", as you have to search around naked hunting for scraps of food, trying to get money.
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By CpCup
#1971 I do not like club penguin island (these are improvements that should be added)

1. on chirstmas everyone should get membership free

2. don't make everything for membership it will get boring later... then people will stop playing club penguin insald

3. disney needs to bring club penguin back club penguin island is actual s**t