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By Asynchronee
#149 Have an idea for a project, be it or not related to Cloud Penguin, but need an extra hand with development? Search no more! This topic will serve as the ultimate listing of all the developers hanging around these forums that are looking for work, be it paid or not.

Use the following format when posting:

Code: Select All Code[b]Languages known: [/b]
[b]Notable projects: [/b]
[b]Taking in unpaid work?: [/b]
[b]Taking in paid work?: [/b]
[b]GitHub (optional): [/b]
[b]BitBucket (optional): [/b]
[b]Comments (optional): [/b]
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By Asynchronee
#150 Languages known: C#, C++, HTML5/JS, ActionScript 3.0
Notable projects: Cloud Penguin 1.0, Waddle Village (Flash MMOG), Battleversia (HTML5 MMOG), bCoach Assistant (Basketball intelligent tracking program), TWMAPS
Taking in unpaid work?: Yes
Taking in paid work?: Yes
GitHub (optional): https://github.com/zesme/
BitBucket (optional): https://bitbucket.org/zesme/
Comments (optional): Love working on Open Source projects, as long as the idea is good and there is a fully committed team. I don't like talking over PMs, but if you have an idea and it's interesting, we can discuss it over Skype chat.