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By applesauce521
#970 I have got an interface I would like to add in a texture but I don't know what coding I would need in the XML file. Here is a link to the swf file ... erface.swf and here is what is already in the xml file
Code: Select All Code <texture>
    <Name>old club penguin</Name>
    <!-- File Definitions -->
    <room name="attic" file="attic.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="pizza" file="pizza.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="beach" file="beach.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="dojofire" file="firedojo.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="dojoextsolo" file="dojoext.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="pet" file="petshop.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="light" file="lighthouse.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="plaza" file="plaza.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="beacon" file="beacon.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="berg" file="berg.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="boiler" file="boiler.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="agentcom" file="HQ.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="shop" file="gift.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="town" file="town.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="mall" file="stage.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="sport" file="sportshop.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="cavemine" file="cave.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="coffee" file="coffee.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="book" file="book.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="cove" file="cove.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="dojo" file="dojo.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="dojowater" file="dojowater.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="rink" file="icerink.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="lodge" file="lodge.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="lounge" file="lounge.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="shack" file="shack.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="dance" file="nightclub.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="mtn" file="skihill.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="forest" file="forest.swf" music="0" />
    <room name="mine" file="mine.swf" music="0" />
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By winderptv
#971 Interfaces are not supported by CuP. They most likely will never be.
Side note: I really wish my way was not posted because people are gonna start asking for it.

Me and tootyta made ours with the party icon. You have to understand action script to make this.

Sorry. Please read the topic on which tags CuP supports.