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By winderptv
#1817 Alpha Penguin is finally out to the public!! Follow this link here: to check out the web site! :1f600:

It's been a while now since the closure of Club Penguin, and people are asking, "What will CuP do next?" The answer to that, my friends, is Alpha Penguin! Alpha Penguin is a brand new private server created by the same family that brought you CuP! We're not sure when the game will be released but an estimated date suggests the opening is soon, whether it be in public beta or the final release.

You will be able to access the game from your favorite browser or through CuP! The reason we chose to have CuP as an option instead of it being the only accessible method is due to our motto - "We work to bring you the best custom content in the same manner Club Penguin did. " So, for Windows users, why would we force you to use CuP only? Adding CuP as an extension was a bold choice meant for both keeping it alive and giving users of Alpha Penguin a better and faster experience while playing the game.

There's a lot to look forward to when playing Alpha Penguin, and I wanna state this here: we're not going to be a children's game. No, that doesn't mean what you want it to mean. It just means our puzzles and challenges will be a bit more mature/harder than Club Penguin's.

The CuP program it self will be back up as soon as possible and connected to our wonderful private server. As of now if anyone offers the installer to you do NOT accept it - they may be trying to scam you and worst hack you. We are the next generation of Club Penguin unlike the other private servers out there that could be dangerous to join.

We hope to see you on our new game!
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