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By Snowfire0206
#1899 Hello everyone!

The beta release for Alpha Penguin was slated for June 23rd; however, due to an issue with the latest Flash version, we may experience a delay… This issue affects not just us, but also potentially every CPPS out there. There was a patch in the latest Flash beta release, but it’s causing other problems with our interfacing. A ticket has already been sent to Adobe, but until the issues are fixed, this is not a guaranteed date.

We will keep you updated on the progress, but provided this issue is fixed in time, users will be able to register on June 21st and start playing on the 23rd. When the game is released, make sure to pick up the Beta Hat and CP Alumni Jacket as they are limited to the Beta and Welcome Parties, respectively.

As mentioned previously, a Cloud Penguin update will follow through after Alpha Penguin’s final release. We anticipate that it won’t take long, but we hope to have it up as soon as possible.

EDIT: Adobe has announced an upcoming fix that will be out either this week or the next. As such, we'll still be going for the original June 23rd beta release. -SF, 17/6/14