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By Snowfire0206
#2133 I have some updates I'd like to share with all of you regarding Cloud Penguin.

Cloud Penguin was created to be the best and safest possible trainer for Club Penguin. When Club Penguin shut down, we wanted to preserve the ability to use most of the program's features.

We chose to optimize the program for Alpha Penguin as it was being independently developed by a staff member, which made it easier to port. Even so, this took quite a bit of time to do. The goal was to simply preserve the program's use, and we achieved that. However, this came with a tradeoff as several cheating addins are not allowed to be run due to the wishes of the owner of the CPPS. This is our reasoning for not providing support for addins that don't work that would ordinarily require an update to CuP itself.

Suggestions have been repeatedly brought up to port CuP to other CPPS's. We will not do this given our concerns for the security of those CPPS's. Even if we wanted to port CuP to other CPPS's, we simply do not have the knowledge to do this as we did not create CuP. CuP is made of several code files that make it difficult to fully understand and work with. Our best result at porting it to a CPPS was with something we had access to (Alpha Penguin).

We will also not be making CuP open source. Flash will be dead in 2 years, and I don't have faith in anyone out there to fully make use of this powerful program in a reasonable time. In addition to that, this program is a masterpiece. Out of respect for the creators, who aren't around anymore, the principle of allowing this to be open source does not seem right to me.

Finally, due to the inactivity of the remaining staff members, the departure of the original creators, and my limited time developing Club Penguin 3D, Cloud Penguin is now in a limited support state. For the most part, this means issues you find and report are not guaranteed to get fixed. Submissions for new addins and textures are not likely to be reviewed, if the ability to upload them is even still working. I will still maintain the upkeep of the server and the domain for as long as I can. Hopefully until Flash is finally discontinued in 2020.

It pains me to write this as all of the staff members, including the creators MhX and Asynchronee, were among the best of friends I've ever gotten to know in all of my time in the CP cheating scene. Writing this makes me feel like I'm marking the end of an era, but I see now that truly ended with the announcement of CP's closure.

To all of our users, on behalf of the CuP team, we thank you for playing with us. I am currently developing an MMO in Unity called Club Penguin 3D. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with where I'm at, or you can talk to me on the official Club Penguin 3D discord server. I would love to stay in touch with all of you, especially our longest running users.