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By Asynchronee
#2 So you are new to the forum and you've noticed that some members have special badges. This topic will clarify what each one of them means and also shed some light on how they are achieved. These descriptions will also be available in each group’s respective page.

Add-In Developer
Add-In Developers are, like the name says, developers of Add-Ins for Cloud Penguin. In order to become an Add-In Developer, you must have 5 verified Add-Ins in the Cloud Penguin Store.

Texture Designer
Texture Designers are, literally, those who make Cloud Penguin Textures. In order to become a Texture Designer, you must have published 3 verified textures in the Cloud Penguin Store.

Trusted users are those who, through continuous demonstration of maturity, dedication and activity, distinguished themselves, to the point that multiple team members saw them fit to be part of the small group of people that know and help improve the inner workings of Cloud Penguin. They must also be active, mature and follow the rules. They have access to an exclusive Trusted forum. If they demonstrate aptitude in programming, they are also given access to the CuPEF repository, to help build up the library.

Sponsors are those who actively promote Cloud Penguin in their fansite or blog, increasing its visibility significantly, or make donations to sustain its development. Sponsors are appointed directly by Administrators if they deem someone to deserve it. They have direct contact with the team and access to a support forum.

Moderators are those responsible for managing the Cloud Penguin forums. They selected from the Trusted users group. They must be very active, have good spelling and grammar, be helpful and very mature.

Creators are those who created Cloud Penguin. Additionally, they serve as administrators of the forums. This group is closed.

If you have any questions about user groups, don’t message a mod: post them in the help section of the forum, as it may help someone else in the future.