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By MhX
#78 After almost a year of development, today is the launch of our brand new website and CuP client! :1f386: :1f387: :1f389: :1f388: :1f603:

As you may have noticed, this is a forums website. You can post about CuP or CP related stuff or any other subject and make some new friends.

The greatest part is that the same account you use to log on CuP is the account for the forums. You don't have to create a new account! :1f631:

About the new CuP client, we did our best to improve it by implementing most of the suggestions made by you. Without further ado let's see what changed:

  • Completely rewritten engine code, the game should run more smoothly (a.k.a. less lag :1f61c: ).
  • CuP doesn't require administrator rights anymore.
  • Added search bar on CuP Store
  • Add-Ins don't open minimized anymore!
  • Added game zoom
  • Added add-in log for developers
  • Added yellow ring. If you have a friend (green ring) that is using CuP (red ring), he/she will have a yellow ring.
  • Added new login animation.
  • Added Info button to the texture selection screen
  • Improved texture memory usage. CuP should crash less from now on.
  • Added auto-login. You can save your username and password securely and login automatically when you open CuP.
  • Fixed CuP icon showing when editing igloo.
  • Added remote add-in installation. Click "Install" in the web store and CuP will install it.
  • Added Recycling Plant room for textures.
  • Deprecated CommandResponse.Result and CommandResponse.Type in favor of RawResult and RawType.
  • Added a new splash screen.
  • Removed ApiPipeline.RawResults.
  • The Store now downloads the new add-in list automatically if there was any add-in upload/deletion.
  • If an add-in has been updated, now the store will offer an update for it.

I hope you enjoy this new CuP version and website.

Waddle On! with hacks!!