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By KingPiggyIsCool
#1568 Its finally finished! The entire soundtrack recorded directly from the game on a REAL ds.
The only thing i would ask you to credit for is the remix of tallest mountain that i made.


Herbert's Revenge added!
Added Bonus Remix of Tallest Mountain that I made.
Leveling of audio has been matched for most systems.

Fixed cropping of the Night Club
Leveled the audio to be audible
Fixed cropping of Snow Trekker

Original Post:
The Club Penguin DS games Soundtrack is here!
This was recorded directly from a DS, and with a simple line in and aux cable.
Emulators make the sound different in some ways. Why this is the best quality you are going to get for now.
The files that contain the sounds are not decryptable for the moment, so we can't direct rip them.

Direct Looping (Most of them)
Highest Quality
NO Sound Effects
Console Rip

Feel free to use these! But do not take credit is all I ask. I'm not saying don't give credit, I'm saying don't say they are your's.

Download: ... 21WSDVxeVU